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Since its foundation in 1975, Quimetal has contributed to the expansion of small, medium and large companies, facilitating access to operations related to foreign trade.

Over the last decades, we have created a modern, agile, secure support structure and efficient support service that covers the entire import and export process, including logistics, wharehousing, port procedures, among other essential services for companies from the most diverse sectors to expand their range of activity.


Quimetal Group Companies

In addition to Quimetal Industry and Commerce, the Group has companies that perform essential activities related to foreign trade.




Created in 1994, it offers all needed support for the import and distribution of imported products to happen quickly and safely. It goes beyond taking care of the logístics operation; Quimetal carries out studies and analyzes of costs, handling and storage, packaging adaptation, inventory management, among other services.




It is one of the most well equiped companies in the country in port grain storage. The unit in the Port of Recife-PE holds more than 20 thousand tons, and the operation comprises all stages of the process: receiving, storage, weighing and shipping.




Rhall was born from the partnership between Rhodes and the company Rumo, from the construction of a terminal specialized in cargo transshipment, located at the largest rail loading point in Paraná. Rhall is a reference in the grain transport destined for the foreign market and fertilizers for crops in the interior of Brazil.




FUNDAP specialists

The Port Activities Development Fund (FUNDAP) is a financial incentives created by the government of Espírito Santo to motivate companies to invest in the state, through operations related to foreign trade.

Graciano Espíndula, one of the founding partners of Quimetal, is a idealizer of FUNDAP,  wich proves our pioneering spirit as specialists in analyzing import costs and seeking solutions to reduce them, including in the tax area.

Learn more about the variety of products that can be imported through FUNDAP and the benefits that this system can add to your business.

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Quimetal Group in numbers

The main demands of the Group are impressive for their volume and also for their ability to effectively manage complex operations.




It is Quimetal’s imported volume over the last 10 years of operations in foreign trade.


Of all the barley malt imported by Brazil is handled by Rhodes, a company of the Quimetal Group.


Volume referring to the storage of grains (soybean and corn) that Rhall carries out annually.


It is Quimetal Logístics’ volume of movement related to the distribution of products.





Specialized services



We have the expertise needed to take care of your import process, which includes: complete management of all stages, analysis and preparation of documents, negotiation and prospecting with suppliers, monitoring of customs clearance, among other essential services.



Grain Transportation

We carry out the transshipment and store of grains in volumes that reach 1,300,000 tons/year, mainly soybeans, corn and bran. In the fertilizer sector, the amount is 150,000 tons/year. We are also the main malt warehouse for the largest breweries in the country, handling 300,000 tons/year.



We serve both companies that need to export and do not have the necessary structure, as well as international buyers who need qualified advice and support to make purchases in Brazil. Quimetal offers feasibility analysis, strategic and logistical planning, prospecting and research to open new markets.




We take care of your operation with quality and total efficiency. Together with Quimetal Logistics, Rhodes and Rhall Terminais form a multidisciplinary team capable of generating import, management and storage solutions with agility and excellent cost-benefit.





Import activity sectors


Perfumes and Cosmetics

Quimetal is authorized by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) to act as importer of perfumes, cosmetics and related products. We are Importers of major European, North American and South American brands. Our state-of-the-art Logistics Center was specially developed for the segment.



Food and drink

We are a company authorized by the SRF (Secretariat of the Federal Revenue), with special registration at the Ministry of Agriculture and ANVISA. Credentials that allow Quimetal to import food and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages.




Our expertise in imports covers the most diverse products, such as, toys, notebooks, beverages, raw materials such as malt and hops, various machines and equipment, solar panels, loading and unloading’s Grabs, air fresheners, among others.



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